Shorey YogAyush

Enjoy Power Yoga, an invigorating fusion of Ashtanga & Traditional yoga with Shorey Singh. Beginning with the basics, this intriguing combination of asanas will lead you towards inculcating ease in your body thus enhancing your energy quotient and upping your wellness levels.

About YogAyush:

Shorey Singh is the founder of Shorey YogAyush. He received his training from Sivanada Ashrama (Madhurai). As an expert in his field, he looks forward to helping students to achieve their goals. His expertise lies in instructing seekers in Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga as well as Traditional yoga. Shorey has performed as well as conducted wellness awareness events in prestigious corporates and companies. His entrepreneurial spirit meets his altruistic self even as he guides people to overcome illness and disease through the treatments he suggests for them.

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