Rivesh Vade (India)

Rivesh Vade (India)

    Empowered by Nada Yoga and immersed in devotion, Nada Yogi Rivesh Vade has carved his path to the Inner Self and continues to help people in their spiritual well-being. He is a pioneer in sharing the ancient art of Sound Therapy in India. Rivesh has helped many people recuperate from their physical, mental, and emotional turmoil by harnessing the power of sound therapy.

    Academically Rivesh is an Engineering graduate and have completed Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He has worked with corporates at senior positions in his career. After a near death accident, he initiated his mystical journey and thus founded Wellness Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation for conducting workshops and retreats around the world to awaken people in their spiritual journey. He is the creator of ‘PowerBrain’ music tracks, exclusively designed for holistic healing.

    With Rivesh propounding the philosophy of ‘Synergy and Flow’ with the universe, his unique workshops on DNA and Navel Activation, Spiritual Discourses on Gita & Dnyaneshwari and Yogic Practices derived from them have positively transformed many lives. He has been awarded by the Times Group for his exceptional work in Music and Sound Therapy.

    To know more about him, please visit: www.wellnessvibe.com

    About Nada Yoga & Mass Sound Therapy Workshop –

    In this workshop, we are going to experience the vibrational aspect of Yoga and dive in to the world of Sound Meditation. In Rivesh’s session at GFSS, we are going to cleanse our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages through certain sounds & frequencies and help us get connected with the Divine Self.