Katarina Marinc (Slovenia)

Katarina Marinc (Slovenia)

    A multi-therapist & KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Katarina Marinč is the author of ‘33 Universal Laws and 13 Universal Portals.’ After 25 years of research, practice & professional experience, Katarina Marinč created the revolutionary Living L.O.V.E method based on the 33 Universal Laws. Katarina helps people align to their true identity and purpose, to be the highest version of themselves and also co-create together for the greatest good of all.

    To know more about her, please visit: www.livinglove.lv (available in July 2019)

    The Universal Law Of Living Love: Power And Science Of Living Love

    Katarina Marinč believes that when we are aligned in our hearts and minds, we can reach our incredible potential. In her session, she will share with us the Universal Laws of Living L.O.V.E to help us identify our true purpose and become the highest version of ourselves. We can then co-create for the greatest good of all.

    Post Conference Workshop: UNIVERSAL LAW OF IDENTITY

    In this workshop you will journey through the teachings and technology of the Universal Law of Identity , with Katarina’s revolutionary 4 -step Living L.O.V.E. method :

    L. LEARN the teachings : What is the Self ? How to live your tue Self (in every day life and in all areas of your life) ?

    O. OBEY the technology : yoga practice, pranayama breathing techniques, meditation, mudras, mantras (also celestial communication) to transform the subconscious and unconscious blocks to living your true Self.

    V. VALUE & VALIDATE the journey (of practising & experiencing these teachings and technology during the workshop)

    E. EXPERIENCE, EXPRESS, EXPAND & EXCELL the Self : these teachings and technology will help you experience more of your true Self and transform a part of your false self – the negative emotional or mental patterns, traumas, dramas, stress, lack – what is not your true identity. When you experience your true Self, then you are able to express your much Self more and also more harmoniously and joyfully : in words, thoughts, deeds, your aura changes, your enenrgy is higher and lighter. And in this way you expand your true identity and consciousness and you become a blessing to every-body that has a chance to meet you, or share a moment or life with you. And being and living more of your true Self guides you to more of ypur true purpose on Earth.

    Once you experience your true Self, this experience stays with you forever : like you remember the taste of a chocolate, the smell of roses, a mother’s embrace or a word of encouragement when most needed, in the same way you will remember, appreciate and start to cherish your Self.

    Welcome to this workshop to welcome and action more of your true Self – your true identity of light and love that you are ! Some info about Katarina’s teachings and method : https://livinglove.lv/en/living-love-teachings-technology/

    The workshop will go from the teachings to the practice. It will also be fun and full of light, love, compassion and support. Katarina’s been teaching for 25 years and is a very skilled and dedicated teacher and therapist. She is the author of 22 Universal Laws and the Universal Law of Identity is the first basic law : remembering and knowing our true identity is a basis of our life : we can’t build a house or a skyscraper if their is no ground floor !