Judy Satori (NEW ZEALAND)

Judy Satori (NEW ZEALAND)

    Judy Satori can be best described as a catalyst for activating human potential. She is a renowned spiritual teacher and the author of “Sunshine Before the Dawn” and the Ascension series. Judy Satori is a spiritual channel and way shower, writer and spiritual teacher, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but currently living and working internationally. Now that the Earth is pulsating to fifth dimension energy, Judy Satori channels multi-dimensional energy languages that can help recode & reactivate the human DNA to regenerate dormant mind and soul power potential and enhance physical vitality.

    To know more about Judy Satori, please visit: www.JudySatori.com

    The Path of the Soul Less Travelled

    Who are you really? Are you a soul having a human experience? Or, are you a human being with a divine, God-given component, that you sometimes feel and sometimes don’t?

    Join Judy Satori at GFSS as she explains our divine human story. Understand the bigger picture of the path of the soul that is not readily understood, or experienced…the Path of the Soul Less Travelled.

    The divine aspect of who we truly are as Earth’s people is being activated at this important and exciting time of Earth and human Ascension. You will experience energy alchemy and transformation as you’ve never experienced it before.