Jérôme Boujon is a scientific, researcher, inventor and renowned expert in sacred geometry.

    He has been exposed to many mystical experiences in his 35 years of daily meditative practice. These have been intense episodes in which he perceived geometrical structures of light that impregnated him with their knowledge and concepts.

    While studying Platonic solids representations, Jérôme discovered mistakes and in turn proposed those with 4, 6 and 10 axis. This has led him to create as many as 7 inventions including mind-blowing spiritual technology tools, primary amongst them being the award-winning Diamond Earth.

    Diamond Earth which is Jérôme’s 5th invention, has been recognized as an activator for Peace and an elevator of the human consciousness. This crystalline grid represented in 3d and light, when activated, can promote peace, harmony and bliss and thus manifest a more balanced and comfortable reality for all. It has received 4 medals at the 47th international innovation exposition in Geneva 2019.

    Jérôme has founded Diamond Light to spread Diamond Earth to all continents in order to support a social change for a world of Peace and Respect.

    He has been the president of an international association of inventors and researchers for 15 years. Jérôme is also a multi-therapist as well as a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has dedicated his life to the elevation of human collective consciousness.

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    From Platon to Multi-dimensional Geometry

    In this session, Jerome Boujon will help us answer this question: Who I am through my journey of conscious awakening, dedicated to the Spirit and to the Peace on Earth.

    He will also throw light on the many aspects of sacred geometry including divine proportion of the Golden Number, Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, Platonic Solids & their new classifications, and multi-dimensional geometry.

    This presentation will also include the story of the invention of the Diamond Earth – the crystalline grid represented by 3d and light – and its sacred geometry. The session will end with a meditation that includes a mantra and a mudra to help us experience the state of peace and light.