Founder of the globally renowned Lucent Dossier International and co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle festival, Dream Rockwell has intricately interwoven together the threads of wellness and entertainment to create one-of-a-kind event-experiences.

She has been called a ‘Visionary Social Engineer’ for pioneering this very popular, unique style of interactive events that birthed out of Lightning in a Bottle 2004. Dream took this concept around the whole world, empowering people along the way, by giving them a new vision for themselves.

A much sought-after public speaker, Dream Rockwell completely epitomizes the spirit of GFSS with her ability to combine healing therapies with entertainment and her unique untethered performance style & fashion sense, that inspires people to jump out of the box and awaken to their own potential. Her TED talk on biohacking and human metamorphosis has inspired thousands.

She also brings fun and magic into the lives of hundreds of institutionalized children through her foundation ‘Cuddle the World.’

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Uplevel your Life Now

In her session at GFSS, Dream Rockwell will help us unravel the universe within us. She will guide us to triumph through obstacles and will help us to explore our own inner super power to propel us forward into the life we were born to live. Dream will share with us her Spirit-channeled vision for humanity and how it can transition from duality to non-duality and from shadow into the light.

She will be drawing from parts of her TED talk, her immersive show experience the Human Initiation Project, as well as sharing personal stories of healing and transformation.