Andrew Cohen (USA)

Andrew Cohen (USA)

    Andrew Cohen is an internationally respected spiritual teacher with thousands of students worldwide. His spiritual journey began when he experienced a spontaneous revelation of cosmic consciousness at the age of sixteen. A fateful meeting in 1986 sparked a life changing awakening in him and this led him to develop a unique spiritual teaching.


    He calls this approach Evolutionary Enlightenment – a spiritual teaching that awakens the deepest and best part of ourselves.


    In his teaching work for a contemporary audience, he integrates cultural and scientific understanding with an original and sophisticated non-dual philosophy. In Evolutionary Enlightenment, the nondual is experienced as both infinite peace and the evolutionary impulse driving us towards ever higher levels of awakened consciousness, depth and creativity.


    Cohen has been the editor-in-chief of the award-winning EnlightenNext magazine which explored deep spiritual questions with some of the world’s most noted thought leaders.


    In 2013 he went on Sabbatical, and at the end of 2016, after a period of introspection and deep inquiry, returned to public teaching.


    Evolution of Enlightenment


    Amid the overwhelming confusion and craziness of today’s world, how can we even begin to make a difference? How can we inspire and create new solutions, and take greater responsibility for where we are going?


    Andrew Cohen’s teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment offers a completely new way to understand our experience, which is available here and now, in every moment, within each and every one of us.


    When we discover this for ourselves as a felt experience, we begin to see everything through a very different lens. We then become aware of a much larger process in which we potentially play a very significant role and discover a much deeper self-sense that Andrew calls the Evolutionary Impulse.


    In his session, Andrew Cohen will help us unleash this Evolutionary Impulse within us to realise that it is not separate from the very energy and intelligence that created the universe. When we stop holding ourselves apart from life and the cosmos, we are inspired and compelled, from the deepest part of ourselves, to create a better future for all of life.


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    Post Conference Workshop: Immerse yourself in the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment

    Now more than ever it’s an enormous challenge not to get lost in modern life’s never ending distractions. In our heart of hearts, we may earnestly long for clarity, simplicity, depth and stillness, but more often than not we seem to get completely bogged down by the limitations of time and our own endless obligations.

    But even amid the confusion and chaos of the modern world, it’s possible to find and experience true inner freedom.

    This is the goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment: to directly experience who we really are at the deepest level, beyond the limitations of the rational mind and the fixed beliefs we unconsciously carry with us from our upbringing and our culture.

    In this workshop with Andrew Cohen, you will have the opportunity to discover this liberating truth for yourself.

    He will introduce you to:

    • Your ‘Authentic Self,’ – the already liberated depth dimension deep within you
    • His five tenets or principles upon which to live an awakened life and
    • His simple and direct teachings on meditation and contemplation.

    Andrew Cohen will help you to let go of whatever is holding you back and will be a guidepost in your spiritual evolution.

    Andrew shows how it’s possible for anyone to discover a deeper self-sense – a sense of creativity that is not separate from the primordial creative cosmic impulse that set the entire evolutionary process in motion.

    When you become deeply aligned with the beauty, truth and goodness of this impulse, you discover a freedom to love and embrace the totality of life – a profound sense of spiritual purpose beyond what you thought possible.