FAQs for Presenters

What is the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences?

The Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences is the new avatar of the former Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, where we’ve kept all the great Presenters but added in many more doses of celebration and joy.

It’s a platform to celebrate the rising consciousness in the world with over 1000 like-minded people from around the world. A place where seekers renew themselves with the wisdom of renowned global Masters and Presenters.

It was first conceived in 2007 as the brainchild of Brahmarshi Patriji, Founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies

Movement (www.pssmovement.org), a worldwide movement that he founded 25 years ago to ‘Spiritualize Planet Earth.’

What is the duration of the festival?

The festival typically spans four days, pivoting around the national festival celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – Gandhi Jayanti – celebrated on 2nd October, every year.

Each day of the festival begins with wellness practices and guided meditations at 6am, followed by breakfast. Speaker presentations commence at 9:00 am and continue until 6:30 pm.

The evenings are interspersed with cultural entertainment programs, which wrap up by 9:30pm, on Days One, Two and Three of the festival. The closing ceremony of GFSS is usually held at 5:00 pm on Day Four.

Can you give us an idea about past Presenters?

Over the past years we have celebrated participation from several Spiritual Scientists like:

Dr. Raymond Moody from USA, Pioneer in research on Near Death Experiences, and author of ‘Life after Life’.

Jasmuheen from Australia, Pioneer in research and practice of Pranic Nourishment, and author of over 30 books on various topics of Spiritual Science.

Alex Orbito from Philippines, World-renowned Psychic Surgeon and Spirit Healer.

Anodea Judith from USA, Pioneer in research on The Chakra System and author of ‘Wheels of Life’, to name a few

What does being a ‘Presenter’ entail?

If you are interested in accepting the invitation, you would need to present any of the following options:

A talk or presentation of 1.5 hrs. —Please send the detailed description of topic and any video content you may have.

If the talk or presentation includes an experiential exercise like a guided visualization/meditation, the time limit is 3 hrs. —Please send the detailed description of topic/exercise or any video content you may have.

A spiritual music concert anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs. —Please send a short video sample.

A Youtube videolink also works well.

What is Pyramid Valley International?

On the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, nestled in a beautiful valley, PVI is home to one of the largest pyramids in the world built exclusively for meditation. It is one of the 7 Wonders of Bengaluru city.Over Over the years it has seen unbelievable energy transformations, and has become a true power spot.

More details about this Pyramid and the Venue can be found at www.pyramidvalley.org.

Where will I stay?

All Presenters are assigned Luxury Rooms in our new building block Starlight B and Starlight C, which is occupied exclusively by international speakers who attend our conferences in the Valley. These are comfortably sized, air-conditioned rooms with tastefully done-up interiors. Each room has its own balcony with a stunning view of the valley and is equipped with double beds and, most importantly, attached Western toilets and bathrooms.

Could I conduct in-depth, paid workshops while at the Pyramid Valley?

Certainly. If you would like to conduct any in-depth workshops while you’re at Pyramid Valley, you are welcome to conduct them prior to or post the days of the Festival. There are limited time-slots and spaces available for this, so you will need to send us the topic, days, timings and fee details at the earliest.

Revenue Share: Do note that due to the logistics and expenses incurred to organise the same, Pyramid Valley International splits the workshop fees in the following ratio where PVI retains 60% and the speaker retains 40%.

Do I have to attend other speaker sessions? And am I expected to stay for all 4 days?

This is not at all compulsory, but we encourage you to attend all 4 days to be a part of other enlightening talks, panel discussions, and interactions with all the delegates. It is a huge encouragement for the speaker on the stage to get the attention of Presenters of his/her ilk. If for any reason you need to leave the conference/festival early i.e. before it is over, we request you to give us prior intimation.

Will the organising committee bear the cost of my travel? What if I do not wish to stay in the Valley?

Pyramid Valley International & Thriive Art & Soul will bear your economy class air travel, airport transfers, accommodation (in our deluxe luxury rooms), meals, beverages, local conveyance, and other related expenses. Should you wish to stay outside the valley, the cost of the same will be borne by you. In this scenario, the volunteer assigned to you will coordinate your travel to and from the conference.

How are Presenter slots allotted?

Presenter slots are allotted by the Organising and Managing Committee of GFSS and QEC i.e. the top management team of Thriive Art and Soul. It is based on a fair assessment of Presenter topics, a balance of complementary sessions during each day and most importantly on a first-confirmation-first-served basis.

Can I request for a change of my Presenter slot on the schedule shared by the organising committee?

This is difficult and highly avoidable as the travel itineraries of many Presenters are set as per their speaking schedule. However, we do understand that it is sometimes unavoidable and hence can be considered under the following two circumstances:

a) An unavoidable medical reason.

b) Written consent of the Presenter with whom you wish to exchange your slot, arranged by you, a month in advance. The advance notice is not negotiable, because any change in the schedule results in changes to our marketing collaterals. These are carried by the media and printed over huge advertising billboards throughout the venue and city where the event is held which makes last minute changes extremely difficult.

How can a New Presenter apply to speak at the GFSS?

Most Presenters attend the GFSS by invitation only. New Presenters can apply or send an expression of interest to speak at the GFSS, by sending a mail to events@thriive.in.

Is Wi-Fi provided at Venue/Room?

We provide Wi-Fi facilities only to those staying in luxury rooms. However, being in the outskirts of the city, even this network is erratic and, at times, quite slow. We encourage you to travel with an Airtel Sim Card if you need constant and seamless access to the internet, as that is the only network which works best in the valley.

What is the dress code?

There is no particular dress code as such, and you are best advised to wear smart-casuals. The Indian clothing style is modest, so please bring clothing that covers shoulders, knees and the midriff at all times for both men and women. Suggested attire includes: ankle length pants for both men and women (avoid shorts or short skirts as these make sitting on the floor uncomfortable/impossible). You are encouraged to cover thighs and wear nothing shorter than knee-length. Please avoid very tight clothes or walking around in transparent attire – both, for your own comfort and as a sign of respect for the local culture.

Where is the information/help desk?

The information counter/help desk is at the Reception of the PVI office located at the main entrance gate.

Do you share the attendee list with Presenters?

No, the attendees’ list is confidential.

Is there an app dedicated to the Conference/Festival?

No, we do not have an app. We have a website URL: gfss.thriive.in, which has all the details.

What is the closest Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stand?

–        Closest Airport – Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore – which is 80km away from PVI and takes an approximate travel time of 2.5 hours to reach by taxi.

–        Closest Railway Station – Yashwantpura Railway Station, Bangalore –which is 48km away and takes an approximate travel time of 1.5 hours to reach by taxi.

–        Closest Bus Station – Harohalli, Kankpura Road, Bangalore – which is 5km away and takes an approximate travel time of 15 minutes to reach by taxi.

Can I bring along an attendant/assistant/friend to attend the Conference with me? Can they stay with me?

Yes, by all means, and they are most welcome. But the travel tickets of the said assistant will be borne by you. PVI will not be able to bear any additional expense for the said person. They could share the taxi and room allotted to you, and in case you need a separate room for them, we request that adequate notice (30 days or above) is given to both Thriive and PVI.

Will there be any compensation/honorarium provided to speak at this conference?

Thriive and PVI do not provide any compensation/honorarium to Presenters for participating in the conference. However, we allocate a sizeable expense to promote each and every speaker, their sessions, and also the pre-and-post conference workshops (which are paid and can be an avenue to earn). This promotion is created pre-, during and post-event on our huge social media platforms and digital databases, as well as traditional PR and media such as newspapers, radio, billboards, event collaterals and television.

The reason for this is that Pyramid Valley India is a non-profit organisation and this is a highly subsidised event. However, if there is a specific fixed charge that presenters charge for any appearance they may submit it to us for our review, and we will reconfirm whether this fits our budget.

Is there a Children’s Program Schedule? Can I hold a Children’s Session or Workshop?

Yes, the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences has a few dedicated sessions for children who attend the festival. We encourage Presenters to hold a Children’s Session or Workshop, and we get maximum participation from children between the ages of 5 and 14 years. These are paid workshops and the Presenter gets a 40% share of all revenues (which is the same revenue split offered for pre and post conferences). A separate Children’s Schedule is created and publicised for the purpose of ensuring good participation.

When can a Presenter see the final schedule/s?

The Main Presenter and Children’s Schedule are shared on the GFSS website (gfss.thriive.in) a month before the event.

What is the typical fee charged for Pre/Post Conference or a Children’s Workshop?

The amount for both these workshops depends on the logistics and expense of organising the same. The ballpark amount is typically Rs. 4000/- per head for the Pre/Post Conference Workshops and Rs. 2000/- per head for the Children’s Workshops.

However, this figure is changeable, and is updated in the registration form on the GFSS website a month before the event. It will also be shared upfront with the Presenters who wish to do such a workshop, once they commit to the same.

Is technical support provided to Presenters?

Yes, we organise everything a Presenter needs to make his/her presentation. They are requested to give a heads-up to Balaji – Events head at Thriive Art and Soul on +91 7506424584 or write to him at events@thriive.in and inform him of any specific requirements.

Is parking facility available for local Presenters?

Yes, there is ample parking space at Pyramid Valley International.

What is the ideal check in and check out time from the room allotted to me?

Ideally, most Presenters arrive a day or two prior to the first day of the Conference (to beat jet lag if they’re traveling internationally) and leave the morning after the Closing Ceremony of the Conference.

How does one move around such a huge property like Pyramid Valley International without losing their way? Is a map provided?

As soon a Presenter arrives at PVI, an English-speaking, local volunteer will be assigned to them and be available to them at all times during their stay. Presenters will also receive a map of PVI, but they are requested to let their volunteers know about their plans for the day, everyday, to be assisted during their movement around the valley.

Whom do I need to coordinate with for Airport transfers?

Presenters can contact Balaji – Events head at Thriive Art and Soul on +91 7506424584 or write to him at events@thriive.in and inform him of their itinerary. He will ensure that the right cab reaches the airport at the appropriate time.

What are the rules for wearing footwear inside PVI?

Wearing footwear is okay everywhere in PVI, except inside the Pyramid. Removing footwear before entering a place of sacred energies is mandatory and part of the Indian cultural ethos. For your convenience, please bring footwear that can be easily removed.

What kind of food should one expect at PVI?

Three wholesome, South Indian, vegetarian meals are served per day in the Cafeteria as per the timings mentioned in the Program Schedule. Food is eaten in traditional Indian style with the right hand, but spoons and forks are available on request. Please note that being located on the outskirts of the city, the Ashram kitchen has limited capacity to be able to cater to any special diet requests, unless a reasonable heads-up is given for the same.

Would I have access to Mineral Water during my stay?

Mineral water is provided for every type of accommodation, especially the luxury rooms. There are also water coolers with filtered water available at the Cafeteria.

What are the appropriate bedtimes?

10 pm is the suggested bedtime at PVI. You are requested to maintain silence after this time, until the next day’s program begins in the morning.

Can you give me an idea of the weather at PVI?

The city of Bangalore counts amongst the few cities in India that experience an agreeable weather throughout the year. Still, the best time to visit the Garden City of India is between October and February.

  • Summers: As per Bangalore weather, the summer season lasts from April to June. The maximum temperature during the day rarely exceeds 33°C, making the summers quite mild.
  • Winters: Winter season in Bangalore stretches on from December to February. The minimum temperature hovers somewhere around 10°C, with the coldest month being January. Early morning fog can also be experienced during December and January.
  • Monsoon: The monsoon season in Bangalore is from June to August. The south-western monsoon rain drenches the city, taking the humidity to as high as 76%.
    Source: http://www.bangaloreindia.org.uk/travel-tips/weather.html

Besides Presenter sessions, what else happens at GFSS?

A typical day at GFSS includes:

  • Yoga Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Presenter talks from 1.5 hrs. to 3 hrs. each
  • Panel discussions
  • Children’s Workshops
  • Spiritual Concerts
  • Dancing and Celebration
  • Enough time to meet and bond with the 500+ like-minded souls