Thriive Art & Soul

Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital wellness platform that verifies and registers alternative therapists from across 160+ alternative therapies. Its  500+ strong therapist community is growing daily. Also a wellness media platform, it curates and creates cutting edge wellness content. Thriive also hosts an impressive roster of wellness, art & soul events globally. Thriive Art & Soul, within two years of its launch, is considered a trusted resource of wellness in India.

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Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley International (PVI) is home to one of Asia’s largest and most powerful meditation pyramids. This 28 acre valley, where lush coconut groves sway along water-ways bordered with Zen gardens and waterfalls, has become a true powerspot in India. PVI is on the tourism map of Karnataka as one of the seven wonders of Bengaluru. It is also on a postal stamp as an acknowledgement from the Government of India.

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